Water supply

            RECO Engineering Ltd is working out designs water supplying settlements and industrial areas.

            According to design documentation prepared by RECO Engineering Ltd many projects in the field of both - civil and industrial water supply and fire fighting systems have been constructed: detergent – tinctorial workshop in the town of Bjala; Holiday settlement of NEC in the resort Borovetz; Paper producing workshop in Kostinbrod; warehouse and freesing facilities of Olineza – Kostinbrod; Trunk Pipeline DN1200 Slovo Pole – Rousse 20 km; Water supply and Sewerage system of the resort Bistriza; Water supply system of the village Bistriza etc.

Trunk Water Supply Pipeline Ø1200 mm  Ruse – Slivo Pole

            The present Project treats the replacement of the trunk pipeline Ø 546 mm, made of asbestos-cement pipes with a trunk pipeline Ø 1200 mm of fiberglass pipes.

            The trunk water supply pipeline will feed water from the First Lift Pumping Station at Slivo Pole to the Second Lift Pumping Station at Ruse. Provisions have been made for laying the pipes along the exiting route of the Ø 546 mm pipeline, observing the requirements for a minimal cover of the pipes.
            Provisions have been made for replacement of the pumps of the First Lift Pumping Station. The pumps will force a water quantity Q = 1,200 l/s at a head H = 65.00 m. The required head of the pumps has been calculated taking into consideration the water losses from length, the local water losses, the geodetic height, and the provision of a free head of 2 m at the highest point of the longitudinal profile along the pipeline (point 191 – between the crossings of the two railway lines). Pump replacement will be subject of another Project.
            The length of the trunk pipeline will be 20,467 m.


Sewerage system

Sewage pumping station in the western part of the town of Kozloduy, part of the sewerage system of the city, incorporated into the design:"Engineering - design and construction of main and secondary sewerage collectors and construction and installation works on the reconstruction of the water supply network in the city. Kozloduy district Vratsa "

            Sewage pumping station (SPC) pumps waste water to the sewer of "Hristo Botev" str.and "Radetzky" str.; a rain water overflow is situated before the PSC and pushers for household and rain water go from the pumping station to the sites of discharge.

            RECO Engineering Ltd is working out designs for sewerage systems of settlements and industrial areas.

            According to design documentation prepared by RECO Engineering Ltd many projects have been constructed: Pressure pipeline for infiltrations from the waste Landfill of Sevlievo to the city sewerage system – 4 km; Sewerage for the village Dospei; sewerage system in the leather workshop “Sevko”– Sevlievo etc.

            Drinking Water Treatment Plants

            Waste Water Treatment Plants