In RECO Engineering Ltd several designs of drinking water treatment plants have been worked out. These projects are elaborated by high qualified specialists experienced in the development of such kind of equipment. Some of the already performed designs are:

  • Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) of the housing estate “Izgrev” in the resort Obzor – Sever
  • DWTP in the village Novo Selo in the region of Rousse
  • DWTP in the village Semerdjievo in the region of Rousse

RECO Engineering Ltd has been subcontractor for the DWTP in the town of Rila, currently under construction



Mini hydropower plant Etropole"- potable water treatment plant

The drinking water supply of the site is accomplished from the raw potable water pipeline supply of the town of Etropole. The treatment plant purifies 0,27 l/s.

After treatment the water will meet the requirements of the current legislation.

Treatment plant for drinking water of JK "Izgrev" in resort "Obzor-North" 

Performance of DWTP Q = 14,3 l/s = 51,4m3/h taking into account the own technological needs. Source: groundwater from tubular drilling wells.