RECO Engineering Ltd is elaborating designs for infrastructure projects and such for high buildings. In the a.m. cases the company co-operates with high qualified specialists, engineers and architects; performs the author’s supervision during the construction phase etc.

Holiday settlement of NEC EAD in the resort Borovetz, Jastrebez

Sports infrastructure in the city Smolyan

The projects according to public procurement with subject: Engineering of the sports infrastructure in the central part of Smolyan as follows: Repair and rehabilitation of sports complex in the central part of Smolyan consisting of: Completing the stadium "Smolyan" and Engineering for reconstruction and rehabilitation of sub-projects: a sports hall, indoor swimming pool and outdoor multipurpose controversial site " are performed by the company RECO Engineering as a consortium member.

The following activities related to this task have been performed:

1. Technical design "Reconstruction and rehabilitation of sports hall".

2. Technical design "Reconstruction and rehabilitation of open multifunctional site".

3. Technical design "Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the swimming pool".

4. Technical design "Completion of the stadium" Smolyan "repair service building and playgrounds".