RECO Engineering’s experts in the field of waste water treatment are high qualified engineers whose competence is recognized within the professionals and on the market. In the company many designs have been elaborated, a big number of them are already constructed and put in operation.

Except big waste water treatment plants, module treatment plants for resorts and small housing estates have been designed in the company. RECO Engineering’s experts have participated in the supervision of the project implementations and in the putting in operation and adjustment of the facilities.




Waste Water Treatment Plant of Rousse




Industrial Waste Water Treatment in the Leather Workshop “Sevko” – Sevlievo




Waste Water Treatment Plant in the resort “International Fair” – village Gela




Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facility in the dairy in the village Zasele




Waste Water Treatment Facility in the ferryboat complex Rousse




Waste Water Treatment Facility in the Bulgarian – American Fund in Varna




Waste Water Treatment Facility in the Holiday settlement of NEC in the resort Borovetz




Treatment plant for leachate from landfill for hazardous waste - Old Soda Plant - Devnya.







Treatment plant for mechanical and biological treatment of household waste waters, located in Tenevo, Tundzha municipality, Bulgaria.

The project is implemented by the "Consortium Tenevo - 2011", in which RECO Engineering is participant. WWTP works according to the technological system "BIO-PAK", manufactured by the company BIO-TECH with a hydraulic capacity of Qd = 325 m3/d.






Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Silistra

The feasibility study and preliminary design "Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Silistra" of the Municipality Silistra has been developed by the company RECO Engineering Ltd. in 2011 and 2012. The designed treatment plant is a Regional Treatment Plant for the town of Silistra and the villages Aydemir and Kalipetrovo that will serve 45,960 inhabitants total of the three settlements, respectively 47,031 inhabitants equivalent. Options have been developed concerning the technological schemes of treatment: one general WWTP serving the three settlements and separate WWTP for both, the town of Silistra and the villages Aydemir and Kalipetrovo.

Based on these developments the application form was prepared for financing of the RWWTP Silistra under the OPE 2007-2013.