Landfill Vulkan


The detailed design "Repair of the recultivation layers and drainage of surface water of the landfill for industrial waste of the plant Vulcan" was developed by the company RECO Engineering Ltd.

Of the landfill subject of present work are disposed industrial waste from unos by cottrell filters, worn out coating chunks of refractory bricks. The waste disposal is performed upon the ground.

In 2008 the recultivation of the landfill has been completed and the same has been put into operation according Permission for use № ST-12-571 / 24.06.2008.


Currently monitoring is performed of landfill body and groundwater quality. The technical and biological recultivation is performed according to the project documentation for recultivation in fulfilling layer of clay 50 cm and 50 cm layer of humus.


With this design additional measures are provided to improve the drainage of surface water from the landfill body and prevention of penetration of atmospheric water in depth. To this purpose, the repairs of the upper liner according to the regulation in force and subsequentialy biological recultivation are envisaged. The project envisages repair work only along the ridge of the landfill and construction of ditches in the ridge and in the lower part. The wood cover on slopes will not be violated.