Landfill Dimitrovgrad, village of Dobrich


The detailed design "Closure and Recultivation of landfill of Dimitrovgrad" was developed by the company RECO Engineering Ltd.


The site of the existing old landfill for solid waste of Dimitrovgrad, subject to recultivation, is located on the right terrace of Banska river, about 5km southwest of Dimitrovgrad, close to the road Dimitrovgrad - village of Dobrich. It occupies an area of 26 536.8 m2, which shall be reduced to 26.219dka after recultivation.


The disposal and reclamation area of the existing waste landfill consists of a wastebody formed on the existing ones; Gas drainage layer upon the waste with gas wells; reclamation layers which seal up the waste; collection system for the infiltrated contaminated water - drainage and collecting shaft; system for collection and disposal of clean surface water; monitoring system of piezometers; access road for subsequently monitoring of the site.


At the end of 2015 the construction works for the technical recultivation are realized. After the technical recultivation has been fulfilled, the biological recultivation is currently (2016) in implementation.


before recultivation


after recultivation