"Construction of a new site for waste disposal Neochim AD Dimitrovgrad"

            The new landfill for the disposal of hazardous waste "Neochim" AD Dimitrovgrad is located on the right terrace of the Maritsa River, 5km away east of the town of Dimitrovgrad. On the landfill are deposited 517 900 m3 hazardous waste.

            Leachate from the landfill will be collected in 2 pcs. square pump shafts with dimensions 2,50m/2,50m. In the pumping wells submersible drainage pumps will be installed for transferring by pumping 5 l / s infiltrate through a pressure pipeline DN80 (346m length) , discharging into the shaft of the site's sewage collector for contaminated water, DN400 stoneware pipes leading contaminated water to the currently operating site Neutralization station of "Neochim" AD, which is a treatment plant for industrial wastewater.

            After filling the volume of the landfill a technical and biological recultivation has been carried out, which led to the improvement of the surrounding landscape.