Expansion of the regional landfill for solid waste - city Madan and construction of sites for pre-treatment of municipal waste Madan, Zlatograd and Nedelino /Revision 1/

            Throughout the duration of the project development (from 2009 until 2011) the waste disposal on the existing Landfillbody is not suspended. In the project development from 2011 actions related to further strengthen the already existing wastebody have been taken.

            There are stiffening structures reinforced embankment type (Construction 1 and construction 2) to bring the body of existing landfill in stable condition and to enable the implementation of the technical project for expansion of the landfill. The functionality and static scheme of action of the constructions give priority to both, to build up the existing body of the landfill and the need to build additional stabilizing device for reliable construction and operation of the new cells.

            1st stage: Expected waste volume of the first cell - 67 800m3