Working design under the program for elimination of environmental damage before the privatization of the site of Old Soda Plant – Devnya

The working project was developed on individual subprojects identified in the independent assessment of the past environmental damage of the old soda factory Devnya. Along with the recovery of the soil of the site by removing the contaminated soil from old pollutions and backfill with uncontaminated soil, a landfill for hazardous waste is constructed in full compliance with current regulations in force.

As a separate sub-project a site treatment plant was developed.

The aim of the treatment facility to purify both contaminated groundwater by petroleum as well as leachate from the landfill for hazardous waste. For this purpose, one of the tanks of the ''New water block" of sizes 4/6 / 12m, after being repaired is used as equalizer-averager. The water to be purified shall enter the device in two ways: by tanker the contaminated with petroleum groundwater and by pump the leachate from the landfill for hazardous waste at a common rate of 5 l/s. A physical-chemical water treatment is taking place.