Landfill Levski


The detailed design "Recultivation of the site: Landfill for solid waste of thr Municipality Levski" was developed by the designers of "RECO Engineering" Ltd, Sofia as subcontractors. With the realization of the project under consideration  closure and reclamation of the landfill will be implemented, then the terrain will be available to be used for other applications by the Municipality of Levski.


Before recultivation the existing wastes occupy an area of about 164.378 dka. The dump is located about 150m from the river Osam.


The Municipal landfill of Levski municipality will be closed and a technical and biological recultivation will be carried out. The disposal and reclamation area of the existing waste in the landfill amounts to 10.847dka. Due to pushing and compaction of waste reduction of the area occupied by waste shall be achieved. An area of 153,531 dka shall be released.


The technical reclamation provides alignment on the bottom of the landfill and waste compaction; landfill body shaping in an appropriate manner; The collected leachate shall be transported for treatment; Construction of gas drainage with gas well in the already reclaimed waste body; Implementation of biological reclamation, covering with grass; Establishment of a monitoring system.


After the technical reclamation it is planned a biological recultivation to be carried out in a way which allow subsequent use of the recultivated terrain in a desired manner of Levski municipality.