Landfill Knezha


The detailed design "Closure and recultivation of the municipal landfill for municipal solid and non-hazardous waste in the area "Merata" territory of the town Knezha" was developed by "RECO Engineering" Ltd, Sofia.


The accumulated waste on the landfill are located on a total area of 156,4dka, including 129.4decare polluted with waste natural terrain as well as terrain with waste disposed on the clay career. The recultivated landfill for municipal waste is of a total area 15.43decares. The total area concerned is surrounded by the borderline including infrastructure (ditches, pits, pipelines).


Designed for: gas drainage layer over the waste and gas wells; recultivation layers which seal the waste; collection system for the infiltrated contaminated water. The collected leachate shall be transported to the wastewater treatment plant of Knezha. The design includes as well a system for the collection and disposal of clean surface water; monitoring system; access road and more.


At the end of 2015 the construction works for the technical recultivation are realized. After the technical recultivation has been fulfilled, the biological recultivation is currently (2016) in implementation.


before recultivation


after recultivation